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EPK “Do You Believe”

Drawing from her own personal experiences, Lilith Max’s “Do You Believe” encapsulates a profound message of hope, resilience, and the power of reconnecting with nature and the world around us. With her rich and emotive vocals, Lilith effortlessly transports audiences into a realm where the colors of life burst forth, beckoning listeners to see the beauty that surrounds them.



The EP contains 5 songs in different genres but all vividly describe a story and leave the listener with the impression of having watched a movie. While BIG BAD WOLF is a folk song, based on a German fairytale but darker, CHAMPAGNE & CIGARETTES comes as a jazzy 1920’s song and is about a fight between lovers. ICE AGE is again more a folk song with some nordic Aurora vibe and SACRIFICE fits into the pop genre. The last song is THE CAUTIONARY TALE with a bit of a 1970 sound and a violin that perfectly translates the changing emotions in this song.

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Lilith Max is a singer/songwriter at age 18, living in Houston, Texas. Lilith’s musical visions draw the listeners into enchanted worlds, let them reflect and connect to their emotions, offer insight, or tell a story. [Bio, Links, Pictures …]

Ice Age Song Lilith Max


About “ICE AGE” ICE AGE takes you immediately to the scene of a frozen earth and its dangers. While the lyrics paint a child’s lonely journey through the icy land, they are also telling a story about vulnerability and the struggle of navigating an increasingly hostile environment as a young person. Confronted with worldwide challenges …

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