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Singer & Songwriter
YoungArts Winner 2022

I always loved writing stories and I loved drama which led me to film acting at a young age. Getting older, I realized that I’d prefer to tell my own stories over following screen scripts. Listening to music a lot, inevitably led to writing my own lyrics and melodies.

I can’t wait to release my EP “STORYBOOK”
… coming soon!

Latest Release: Single ICE AGE

My first professional studio-produced single was released on February 11th! I’m excited to introduce you to ICE AGE.
ICE AGE’s lyrics paint a child’s lonely journey through icy land, they are also telling a story about vulnerability and the struggle of navigating an increasingly hostile environment as a young person.

YoungArts Winner 2022
YoungArts Winner 2022

2022 YoungArts Award in Voice

TX, February 2022 – Lilith Max has received a 2022 YoungArts award in Voice. Selected through the organization’s prestigious competition, YoungArts award winners are chosen for their caliber of artistic achievement by esteemed discipline-specific panels of artists through a rigorous blind adjudication process. YoungArts award winners gain access to one of the most comprehensive programs for artists in the United States, in which they will have opportunities and professional development support throughout their entire careers.

Previous Releases

Ice Age Song Lilith Max
Stranger's Eyes, Single

About Me

My Story

I was born in Germany but moved to the US in 2010. At a very young age, I discovered my love for the performing arts, beginning with dancing ballet, and later moving on to contemporary dance. Then at age ten I started acting and tried my luck in LA two years later. I was in the cast of Call of Duty WWII and had the lead role in The Chocolate Soldier and also won two “Best Actress” awards. I played in several short films & commercials and did some voice-acting. During all those years I had vocal lessons and also taught myself to play the piano. I eventually realized that music is my deepest passion. I am now pursuing a career as a singer, songwriter but will also continue to be an actress.

I Write.

There is a pile of poems and songs on my desk. Words tend to just flow out of me and most of my songs are written at night when everything is quiet.

I Compose.

I am a self-taught piano player but also learned to produce music with virtual instruments. Creating melodies for my songs and experimenting with instruments is so much fun!

I Sing.

I´ve come a long way from lip-syncing to Taylor Swift to discovering my own, very unique voice and singing my own songs as also cover songs of other artists.


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