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I was born as the youngest of three children in December 2003 in Germany. When I was six, we moved to the US. 

For my seventh birthday, my parents gave me a camera and I started to make little movies. My friends and I performed in front of the camera with dances and plays, I absolutely loved it!

In 2013 I did an acting summer camp and I enjoyed it so much, I kept bugging my mom for theater classes. It wasn’t until summer 2014 that I finally got to take acting classes with John Homa and Jeff Dockweiler. We also temporarily moved to LA for acting and I was casted in several projects like Call of Duty WWII, The Chocolate Solider, Tumbili and more.

Additional to acting, dance classes and learning to play the guitar, I picked up vocal lessons. With so many activities, we realized that this would collide with school and homework. I switched to an online school, which gave me all the freedom I needed to continue my active lifestyle. I also started to teach myself to play the piano and recently even learned how to produce music.

I continue working on singing with my vocal teacher Tom McKinney. Somehow, I still manage to read books which is another passion of mine. Young adult fiction is my favorite genre and I have read more than 200 books during the last few years.

Music is my biggest passion. It’s the air I breath and I cannot imagine a future where I don’t make songs, sing or produce.

Some Accomplishments:

  • Two “Best Actress” awards
  • Distinguished Honor Roll Student
  • National Honor Society Member
  • 1st place at the science fair in 4th grade

What people say about me:

“She just makes my job so easy!” (Jackson Smith, director)

“Our two child actors blew us away with their skill and professionalism – Lilith and Dogen fit right into our strong cast.” (Christian Welch, director)

“Lilith is amazing.” (Terry Berland, casting director)

“I never do this for actors – so you both know how special I think Lilith is!!” (Ivy Isenberg, casting director)

“This story would not have been the same without Lilith, so I’m very glad destiny put us on the same trajectory to work on it together.” (Brando Benneton, director)

“I can’t listen as fast as you are talking!” (mom)

“You remind me of Kirsten Dunst!” (Pietra Ingenito, talent agent)

“You remind me so much of Kirsten!” (John Homa, my acting coach and Kirsten Dunst’s acting coach back in the days)

“… rewatching Jumanji tonight and realizing how Lilith channels really well a young Kirsten Dunst …” (Brando Benneton, director)

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