Some of my Acting Projects

PCAP & Voice Over

Call Of Duty WWII

Yes, I am a part of the Call Of Duty cast! This is the coolest project and I had a lot of fun at the set. We couldn’t tell anyone anything about it and even my dad didn’t know for 10 months that I worked on it. Besides playing a role in the game on a very cool set, I also did the voice-over for additional scenes with my virtual me.

I am playing Anna, the little refuge that needs to be rescued in Aachen.

At the studio for the scream voice-over



director: Christian Walsh
producer: Julia Dillard
co-star: Dogan Eyeler
my role: girl, principal

Weltschmerz  is a drama which is set during the Nazi regime in Germany.
I am a young girl who is playing with a boy at a creek …
… and that’s all I am going to say because I don’t want to give the story away.
Weltschmerz was successfully submitted to film festivals (just like “The Chocolate Soldier“).

Weltschmerz was shot at several locations.
For our scenes, we had to go to the Rocky Mountains and lived in a really cool log cabin for a weekend.
For the scene in the water, we were wearing wetsuits under our costumes but it was still very cold, shooting the 1st weekend of April, with snow still on top of the mountains. It was fun though!

5 trivial backstage facts:

  • We had an epic game of hide and seek with the entire crew! Dogan’s mom wasn’t found for two rounds and Christian was hiding in a suitcase!
  • I loved the swing on the set!
  • There were pinecones the size of pineapples!
  • 3 lifeguards took care of our safety in the water.
  • The creek was really ice cold but after a while, I got used to it and even liked it.


The Chocolate Soldier

A thesis film from Chapman University. This film is based on the true story of Jackson Smith’s grandma! I had the honor to be this very special girl in this story which took place in Germany, 1945.

director: Jackson Smith
producer: Amber Berk
casting: Terry Berland
my role: lead “Maria” (aka the chocolate craving girl)

I played Maria at age 10 and my film mom is actually the daughter of the real Maria and the mother of the director – confused? Never mind, just enjoy the film.

The Chocolate Soldier won so many awards all over the world, that I stopped counting at some point. I also got an award for Best Child Actress at the San Diego International Kids Film Festival.



director: Brando Benneton
producer: Mauricio Zambrano
co-star: Bradley Striker
my role: lead, the girl

I am the lead, playing a girl that becomes a victim of her curiosity – but no spoilers here, you really have to watch it, it’s great!

For this film, they needed to create a mask and I went to the Cinema Makeup School in LA, where a mold of my face was made.
The final mask was put on my face by two makeup artists who did an amazing job. It took almost two hours to get the mask on and quite a while to take it off afterwards.

Trivial backstage facts:

  • The location was a stunning estate at Rolling Hills, CA.
  • We ate the best spaghetti ever and Brando contributed delicious real parmesan cheese which he had brought from Italy.
  • The wooden box was carved during winter break by a friend of Brando in Italy and he brought it all the way to California on the plane.
  • Mom and I got my costume at Goodwill, texting pictures to Brando for approval.



director: Lina Li
producer: Yitong Yong
costar: Kristin Lerner
my role: lead, Jane

In this short film from first-year students at USC I am playing the daughter “Jane”.

Jane’s mom is very distracted by her work and that’s why she doesn’t notice, what her daughter is doing … until a concerned teacher calls.

Sadly, the video is no longer available online.


Nobody Owns Me

director: Linnea Joelsson
producer: Suzette Martinez
co-star: Alesha Braden, mom
my role: lead, Lisa

I played the daughter of an alcoholic mom.

backstage fun facts:

  • The studio was near the LAX airport and planes were starting and landing over our heads.
  • The barking dog in the background wasn’t part of the cast.
  • They had a new, fancy dolly which was difficult to operate.


Shell “Oath”

This commercial for the Shell Company was shot in Texas on a beautiful farm with horses, running free.

3 trivial Backstage facts:

  • I had also auditioned for the voice-over weeks before the shoot.
  • To my surprise, my friend Stefanie was at the set, too, and we had a great time hanging out until we were called.
  • The director came to my mom and said that he loves working with me and that he can tell that I will get far in this business – that’s just what mom needed to hear to get convinced to go to L.A.

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