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EP Review: Lilith Max – Storybook

“… Lilith’s unique and dramatic vocals caught my attention straight away. Musically, her sound is difficult to describe. There are some elements of classical, pop, folk and experimentation. It’s wonderfully fresh and captivating, and the lyrics are vividly macabre.”

“… ce Age opens stripped-back and best showcases Lilith’s vocals. It moves effortlessly into a piano-led folk pop arrangement and image-laden, philosophical story.

‘Lilith Max is a winner of the YoungArts ’22 competition and it’s easy to see why with this EP. I am honestly so excited by her sound. Her lyrics are masterpieces that bely her young age and her music is rich with drama, atmosphere and emotion. Lilith has the world at her feet and I can’t wait to see where she takes her talent. “

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Lilith Max enchants us with their rampaging vocal performance in their newest EP, ‘StoryBook’

“… Lilith Max has written tales of a similar fashion into the songs that make up ‘StoryBook’ and has delivered them in such a wholesome manner. Acoustics, strings, piano and the occasional backing drone help to make this EP focus on the stories that lie within and how they sound in a modern-day medium. However, the standout Belle of the Ball is the vocal performance that alights upon new heights on each track. Spellbinding.”

“… Lilith Max’s vocal lends itself perfectly to ballads, the belting never-breaking highs that litter the track take the whole song to another level; One that is rare for an artist to reach so soon in their career.

‘StoryBook’ is an album that knows its sound. It came here to make it and it nailed it. It hits on folklore, luxury, loss and recollection. Each song tells a captivating story and leads us to question ourselves. Are we like the Wolf? What have we sacrificed? When will it all end? Thematically, ‘StoryBook’ is astounding. Each song has a moral as each fairytale tends to. Though short, the quality is obvious from the get-go on this EP. If you need something new to rekindle your love for new music, Lilith Max and her sky-high vocals will light a fire big enough to burn down that enchanted wood once and for all. “

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STORYBOOK (Original EP) By Lilith Max

“Every song in StoryBook tells a distinct narrative. Even with the way the music on these tracks is created, it seems like you’re witnessing a Broadway production. Each song will take you to a realm of twists and turns, producing a picture as if you’re the main character in them.”

“I can’t say anything about the vocals other than that they’re outstanding. Never in my life have I heard a voice so versatile. Her ability to emphasize and convey emotions through every word she sings is quite remarkable.”

“This work is devoid of flaws. You must pay attention to this work of art. Lilith Max’s voice is flawless and absolutely gorgeous. Not to mention how each piece of music transports us. This is a work of art that should be heard by the entire globe. “

Interview: Lilith Max – Storybook

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“… The album is characterized by various musical styles that adapt to the theme dealt with in the specific song, moving between ballads, jazz and folk music. The entire album is pervaded by an almost fairytale atmosphere that seems to take inspiration from theatrical adaptations of fairy tales, such as Peter and the Wolf or Little Red Riding Hood.

Listening to this record you have the strange feeling of being seated in the stalls of a theater and the music that reaches our ears has the same descriptive dynamic of the sound commentary of an opera. The singer’s voice has a very high tone that has often been compared to that of Kate Bush both in terms of range and expressiveness and interpretation.

Listening to Storybook is an intense experience that makes the listener regress to the state of a child, when in silence you listened fascinated to your parents who told you a story.

An extremely personal album that reflects the eclecticism of an inspired and prolific artist.”

Interview: Lilith Max – Storybook

” … How do you find yourself in the music business? When you started out in music, did you know it would be like this?

As I said before, my love for music and my ever-improving vocals and lyrics led me down the musical path I’m on today. But it was also the fact that I knew if I didn’t share my music to the world, I would regret it for the rest of my days. It’s almost like a calling, the urgent desire to comfort people and to unite under the umbrella of melody when the sky is raining. To be honest, I wasn’t very surprised at the hustle of the music industry when I first started out. The competitive nature of my acting career had somewhat prepared me for the switch, and I feel a lot more in control of the work I do now than before. …”

Lilith Max – Storybook | The Theatrical Narration

” … Lilith Max is an artist who weaves music that is rich in drama, melody, lyricism and musicality. She is known for her innovative approach towards music and that is what makes her tracks so special.”

“She is a mastermind when it comes to structuring a play. The whole EP is interconnected with intricacy.”

“Lilith Max is surely a genius with a vivid capability to create art so intricate. “

“Lilith beautifully modulates her vocals incurring some contrasting confidence. This is what makes her stand out of the crowd”

“The EP is like a hurricane of emotions that will spin you around while you weep with sorrow and yet giggle with joy. This is surely an EP that is too good to be real, it surely feels like something pulled out of a dream. “

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