Business Insider: Indie musicians are celebrating UMG’s decision to pull its music off TikTok: ‘It’s our time to shine baby’Business Insider:

An article from Shubhangi Goel, published on Feb 6, 2024, 2:41 AM CST about the impact of UMG’s removal from TikTok.

“… Lilith Max, an independent folk and pop artist from Houston who’s best known for her viral TikTok song “Peasant’s Throne,” said the move has already helped her engagement.

My views and followers have skyrocketed since I made a post about the UMG situation and called for a rise of indie artists,” Max told BI. Max said she gained 10,000 followers and 563,000 views after she posted the video. BI was not immediately able to verify those stats.

With UMG’s removal, TikTok users are seeking fresh music to add to their videos, and indie artists are willing to fill that gap,” Max said.

While some people online are saying the ban also affects small artists who have signed with UMG, most are seeing it as a time to support artists struggling to compete with labels. One of Max’s recent videos has gotten comments like, “I’m glad that famous people don’t have their songs on here. So people can find artists like you,” and, “Who knew TT was gonna be the largest source of indie music on the planet,” referring to TikTok.

Max said music from labels like UMG is usually the most sought-after music for videos, but that the past couple of days have marked a happy inversion of that trend for her.

Now I constantly receive comments from people saying how happy they are to discover underrated artists like myself,” Max said.*

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